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Our precautions during covid-19. Update 17/11: we are again able to organise site visits, under certain safety measures.

COVID-19 UPDATE 17/11/20:

We are again able to organise site visits, under certain safety measures. This means that properties can only be visited if a potential client is alone in the property. We will be allowing visits to vacated properties as well as inhabited properties as long as the owners agree with the arrangement.
For all other properties we are creating waiting lists when it comes to site visits. If you are interested in a certain property, make sure to place your name on the waiting list for that specific property via e-mail or phone. That way you can visit your preferred new home as soon as it's allowed.

COVID-19 UPDATE 03/11/20:

Site visits are currently suspended.

Although we take the necessary safety measures during all site visits, we are suspending all the site visits until further notice, and until it's more clear if they are forbidden or not. We will communicate this as soon as possible.
We will be working behind closed doors, so you can still reach us by e-mail or phone.

Appointment at the office

  • Make an appointment before your visit.
  • Visit us, alone, if possible.
  • Not feeling well? Please make a new appointment.
  • Please maintain a safety distance of 1.5m.

Distance appointment

  • Estimates are possible from a distance.
  • Appointments can be made by phone or video call.
  • Digital signing of your documents is perfectly possible.

Safety in our office

  • We've provided Plexiglas where necessary.
  • Indications on the ground guarantee physical distance.
  • We disinfect door handles, tables, etc. after each visit.

Safety during site visits

  • We request that you only make an appointment when a property really interests you.
  • Please make a visit individually or in pairs first.
  • Is there another visit going on? Then wait outside (or in the car).
  • We are happy to answer questions in larger rooms or outdoors.
  • We would like to receive an initial offer by e-mail.

Book your appointment:

02 267 60 75

02 262 45 78

02 253 13 83

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing trust in CBI IMMO.


CBI IMMO agencies will be closed as of march 16th

In light of the most recent news reports on the Corona virus, CBI IMMO has decided to take responsibility rather drastically in order to protect its staff, its customers and its future services. We have therefore decided to implement following measures, taking effect immediately :

1. CBI IMMO agencies will be closed as of march 16th

Until further notice, you can only reach us by phone or by email. You will find all of our contact data and staff members on our website

2. All existing appointments are canceled

Your contact person will contact you to discuss the issue by phone.

3. New requests for a visit – remains open 24/7 !

For the time being, you can only visit our properties virtually through our website, where each property is showcased with lots of pictures and information already. Should you really be interested in a specific property, please send us an email asking to be put on the waiting list. As soon as we can resume visits, you will be contacted.

4. CBI IMMO Open House – edition April 26th, 2020 postponed

As a CBI IMMO Open House traditionally guarantees strong interest and in many cases brings together larger groups of people on smaller surfaces, our April 26th edition will be postponed.

5. Participation to New Construction Sunday April 26th, 2020 canceled

In case the situation should have normalized before April 26th, and permit that we meet with you in our offices to provide information about all of our new construction projects, we will communicate about that in time.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation

We are convinced we can count on your understanding. The well-being of our staff and of our customers is our biggest priority in taking these decisions.
CBI IMMO has remained free of contamination until now and we hope keeping it like that.

On behalf of our full team at CBI IMMO : STAY SAFE & HEALTHY !